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pile okay so it's time for the Michael but Alana from client Oh video um a bit of a full start on this as you know I when getting ready for in the shower slip disc and had to postpone it but I went this Monday and Tuesday came back yesterday and I I think it was a very productive interview if I goes off about two hours so why am I doing this video well this needs to be a massive backlash against Michael and client Oh for some reason and I think some of it you know there's always some parts you know there may be true some parts exaggerate and so on but I think overall it's been unfair I think it's been putting it bluntly outrageous some of the things have been said about him so I decided to do a video let him give his side but based on questions from you the mega fans in the community my believe you see you we need to understand Michael and so I there's a this an introduction I want you to watch this introduction because it hopefully will show you what kind of man he is and if you can understand the man and you can hopefully trust I think he will be a great student I mean I will say that I was over the moon when I found out he actually gained he got the rice to the amiga because it got it out the terrible impasse that we were in into the hands of someone who is actually an mega fan and I believe will have the best interests for the Amiga going forward and as you're hearing this interview I think I think there will be bumps along the way this is legal situation obviously but I think over time you'll see that he will deliver on on what he says during the interview now you may find there and I may get criticized and I may get accused of being a big Jay Leno here because he was always seem to be a you know very friendly and never really went to town on people but my aim here is not to interrogate Michael that's I'm not doing that you know and if you want me to do no I'm not interested in no the idea this video is for you the fans to give me the questions and there was 45 questions in fact I was more than that there was about 55 questions actually 50 55 questions from the fans and just let Michael answer them yes I mean I make contributions on all the way but I've tried to I don't mention my projects I don't mentioned I I try to keep out of it it's not my place if you need to hear what he has to say and I hope I've done that well if you expected me to interrogate me give him a hard time no wrong interview turn off now goodbye now I would like to thank my patrons obviously this trip has not been without expense I didn't want to take any money the case obviously and of course with the the I paid for everything once and then I slipped oh I didn't slip in a shower I just had a slipped disc in the shower so course all that money was thrown away and then the second trip dad you got more expensive and then I was buying lots of hot I will do a video about my the bits I bought to do this but I bought some hard way to improve hopeful ease improved everything here for the future I may replace get a couple of lavalier mics little you know the ones a fit but that's an expense contrast for yet but any reason I was able to do this is because of my patreon backers now I'm not mentioned this before because I'm people suddenly jumping on as a patron I want the ones that were there at the end of this video if you stick to the end you'll see there's a list and there's all the names okay so I greatly appreciate the money you put in it's helped my project he's helped with the keyboards but it's very much been the reason why I did this not the reason I did the video the reason I could do this video is because all the expenses have been paid because of my patrons and things like this do cost a lot of money so you know I do want at the end look at watch the end hopefully you'll see you know now I know now some of you've got your little names but anyway nicknames that kind of thing so look at the end thanks very much and I do I do really appreciate it nice car Michael so do you make all your Millions [Music] well because you have this little problem on the back last time and I thought I'd come and pick you up with the ambulance I was I was trying to pick you up at airport you can't do just software day and night I think so you need some other things in life and for me since 2001 this volunteer work added with such an ambulance helped complement and see different aspects of life and help learn and so on so here we are now at st. John Ambulance in arena where we teach we have a class this morning and somebody I thought do it what I'm supposed to be my class but somebody was replacing me as you saw and I used to do emergency service once or twice a week with the local one one eight service this is a trauma center we have three ambulances on active duty all time in downtown and a helicopter two small cars like these for the doctor to move quickly from one place to the other and these are for patients now we have forecasts outside they do emergency and these are like spares you can use them for transport for example so let's see inside well ambulances were out quite quickly after two or three years a car that's running day and night is we need to be replaced use it for something else like a national transport or to spare so this is a car that now we use for transport some parts are missing the monitor is outside life at 15 and this cars as I said the way out quite quickly when you do emergency day and night so after two or three years you use them for something else as a spare for transport these cars are smaller than all those you see in movies especially American movies because we have narrow road sometimes we have to enter you know inside cities or in Houma entrances which are rural and it's good to have a small car also yeah we tend to stabilize stabilize on the place unlike the u.s. system and sometimes transport fast and we have a trauma center here nearby and so you don't work that much maybe compared to the u.s. system in the car and well you have a patient here one empty empty here paramedic or doctor one EMT here sometimes I mean in case the driver on the front and that's about it so this feels like home in many ways they are all the same they are similar the equipment we have to handle from bones ventilation section the monitor would be here oxygen supply with tanks in the front and on the side this is a standard Class A ambulance here which even if it is a spare it's always ready - it goes through a checklist every day for use and it can be used as a hot anytime so and this was like home probably for 11 years I was in something like this once or twice a week usually the morning shift and yeah you see different aspects of life rich and poor rural city life people having maybe an accident on the highway and definitely they don't even know what they are and I I think it's as I always tell our volunteer candidates it makes you rich in a way you you see life in different yeah you see life in different aspects you have to be careful respectful because power corrupts I'm gonna have like a uniform and orange or yellow uniform you cannot easily abusive this when you have a siren you know it's one of the reasons why some people ask when can I Drive the ambulance yeah you have to be careful with this so for me it's also all the life experiences I learn from the old people who tell you the story of the life here we have so many war stories I didn't I never would have expected to see so many tattoos also from the camp's from World War two memories that old ladies told me and family at home they really did she tell you this and of course severe things you never want to see a child for example but sometimes it happens well when you really can make with a huge teamwork difference but usually it's not used it's the chain everything works well and you are a placeable because the system works well but you try to keep the standard high and yeah so I miss this okay so now here is the uncut video now when I say uncut basically broke into about ten pieces because of file sizes issues so I've had to tweak and just let you join them all together I've removed two sections basically the two sections of me coughing my lungs up I don't think you wanted to hear though there was a couple of funny comments from Michael I may even tack them on the end but yeah I've removed those bits and it's literally non-stop all the way through there's been no no no more edits in than that okay yeah if you've skipped the introduction part please rewind play from the beginning because I want you to see that the video is about Michael it's no point just jumping into our way to tell us Michael questions I wanna see what's gonna say no it's not about that you need to understand Michael you need to get to know Michael everybody who goes and meets Michael at these shows no one has come back to me and said they don't like you okay people have met if they like him so please roll back watch the introduction and and get an understanding of Michael and I think it will help hi all I know a lot of you've been waiting for this I think this is a very important interview as some of you know that I've been very upset by some of the things being said about client so especially my Kamala who I've known for many years and so we decided to either come out get your questions and let him answer the questions as best he can so let's get started on this well first of all thank you for coming here for caring for your vision you're a long time I make your friends we've been both here since 80s yes and I'm intimidated by your equipment you should two cameras here as green pointing towards as he big LED a microphone which I've never seen even in TV shows this is yeah very professional yes it's a poppy and I'm going to thank my Patriots I will do a special thanking in but my pages are made it's all possible because help me buy the equipment because all the equipment we use in here I bought specifically to try and up the game you can't see that we've also got a secondary recording device down here to try and get everything absolutely nailed but but thanks for imagine as you said we've know each other for god upset me when I hear what these things people are saying right so do you want to do that you want to do this overview maybe history of just a very short yes because some people have been complaining that Steve's videos are too short so he said today he wants to do a four or five hour so what can I say personally I'm a Commodore developer since I wasn't even a teenager I was probably 10 11 12 I was my father but I kept a Commodore a t32 so an 8-bit system and I was programming it because it came without software and what they needed it for at work wasn't there and so it paid for itself with the software I wrote and then when I saw the Amiga on the byte cover story of what was it all goes to July 85 I said this is the machine the best hardware the best software from the company which already shaped me so me it was a Commodore experience and then we'll see also the different identities Commodore vs. Amiga the California startup which is also a difference yeah thing so we had some very good years we did word processing and pain software for the big this was not actually my first and you get keyboard the mega thousands and we were allowed to grow with this grow and prosper our software was founded with a very meager sold with seven all amiga companies so in Canada we're a strong education software also and that personal paint also with the bundles we did some system software so we really saw some very good years growth margin for quality and growth and all of that collapsed then in the 90s after the solution and we'd run a chain reaction proton out of distributors and so on so everything which I see now is for me also a bit relative because I've seen some very good years which even now I'm not saying so in terms of numbers we have distributors who were doing millions of dollars for advertising per year we have the circulation of magazines and bigger formats eme media the German Amiga magazine three six digit so more than hundred thousand copies each month it was a different world yeah and so now for me since about 97 it's more for how big partially epidemic so it's both preservation but don't be afraid it's not only about reservation it's also about maintaining order and clarity and respect and beauty beauty is important from the Amiga was was about beauty and that makes me suffer now to have this Tainted so also to make possible projects with stability and to be able to work and prosper as a community so as an ecosystem of competences and with some reassurances that what you do you can go on and do and be respected so without the grabbing and the lawsuits yes yeah which are quite recent by the way we didn't have lawsuit so nowadays the lawsuits came bit more than 10 years ago after me getting subcontracted some work and there were problems with that yeah so we inherited those moments so I've mentioned to that after the Gateway thing things went wrong for me and I and I'm I left him a humanity for personal reasons and I was about 10 year so I missed the red the blue thing and I know there was some things happened at that time but do you think notes had anything to do with now do you think is well I remember it as a split in the community split is not so good because we don't have that many resources I like so the right blue was well in the other if there was the Matrix movies of course it was yes but there were some tension already then there were some entities who wanted to take over or do something some didn't want and so on but it wasn't touching us we actually were working with all of them I like team more for setting an example of what you can do with your own resources without legal problems as a team self-sustaining just like our projects as long as there is no mega ones as long as they are very self-sustaining of course we put our extra hours in which we don't count but that's how you can move forward and create some technically excellent software without only ugliness oh yes I think more force as you said and think more first thing is that's a nice haptic though more first team must show that is over the long term that we have the whole thing yeah eros is another nice example a community effort going slowly again if we could combine yeah you know but talking and respect and agreement clarifying situations these are all necessary steps to bring back some token this is going to be fine it's good yeah and if I get if I keep looking at the top I'm just checking to make sure other things don't we cool in the levels are ok so forgive me on that so that I suppose one small one there was a discussion about the Gateway and there very briefly I mean myself tinkering poor went we went to Gateway we didn't come away quite successful but Michael you you had a much more successful trip well inside to MIT to me I think he's so the OS from disappearing thanks as a developer every new possible owner for me was also source of hope Oh at least we have clarified clarity we can do personal paint a with true : layers and whatever on this platform and said this platform never came they just told us we call this classic and don't work on classic anymore because it's over I'm not really so sure but so gateway gateway yes gateway had important reasons to acquire the IP especially for the Commodore Amiga patterns which now are expired now we have other assets trademarks and copyrights but those were the days of the patent was on HP and other colonies had these patterns about parallel code and other things and by purchasing these assets gateway gods yeah volley of patterns which they put using some bargaining so yes well we did with a mega international gateways a media companies Amiga incoming international we kept on doing system software and bundles and still we are working also with what all was left of combo UK after David Pleasants yeah so it was a it was an interesting time as I said after that that section I mean fact just a little plug for David Pleasance is book there's some bits about right so let's go on with the questions they so we had some lots of questions that we do have to work out why through these I'm literally all I've not retyped these from people literally I've cut and paste their questions so if I understand but we had some light-hearted ones we had an interest in what few and then we had the serious one so let's go for the light hearted ones and I've got their names on these obviously taken two questions hopefully you'll recognize I remember someone else he told me yeah John who has a problem with no.1 maker in all so um which beats you but here in this one which bids you prefer as posters promise to buying him more than one made me so pointer indeed I was telling you in the car we in difficult times you also see who your friends are yeah and you our friend I consider you a friend I consider also some people friends who now have were put in difficult situations but we had a lot of real often I'm not I'm already one person but I'll tell you yes ma only lengthy story now so my grandparents are from Germany we are home here so you have some photographs here these are flowers from the garden from another common fruits of my teas so my German grandparents of course beer was something special hospitality and joy everything and I was a teenager coming after six or seven hours by train and my grandfather my grandmother takes some beer and I would say like with a strange face something that my grandmother would understand and say she liked from the kaabah maybe he wants a chocolate make because I didn't really drink or like beer yet and I will say baby yes yes or no no my grandpa would say beer because for him when nephew arrives Ben and I would say I'm not thirsty you don't drink beer because you're so I gave up and for me a beer is the family thing where I used to have with my grandparents grandfather maybe even if it wasn't my type of thing but I will drink as a social thing I will drink any beer I let the local I like the diversity which is an Amiga Commodore Amiga topic yeah diversity you know thing so developers I always asked in Oakland beer and so sometimes I challenged the lawyer in this global world what is the global the local beer Sundance they say we don't have a local beer so the answer is the local beer please oh yes you can see if you can take next we still know hard once you get Las Vegas you know Viacom bags speaking of splits that's another four to me it was sad I used to go to rock Barnardo's events the convex I'm a member of the Clark County so the Clark County is the center of Las Vegas the Clark County community beauty plot the five seas and they used to co-organized this event and then like three or four years ago this place so this convex still organized by row which is about the same time as Def Con and the other black had been there before which is not ideal because the whole of town has prices going up it's difficult to find hotels Airbnb flights are more expensive and then there's one or two weeks after that you have the Commodore retro Expo just August 23 25 so the convex is August 10 11 I tried to make it one of the two I would really love if they could join also but least be not the same dates yeah but splitting down in the same town it makes me sad yeah even I cannot do both but I feel like I choose like you ask a child yeah I tried told both sides so I'm telling you now and yes I think I will be a Commodore retro Expo 23 24 25 years this is just a silly one but someone didn't sent me an email but didn't want to ask me question cuz I have the funny habit ah I have no idea what those lips and you know I have I have I have one of my habit of my avatar zone the panic rages because I'm into virtual reality now I think it's the virtual but with the glasses up or it might be the one that I had Tiger face when Mike and when I wasn't holding my kids and my kids want to get their face painted but they wouldn't do it if I didn't so I remember yeah so had the tiger fight noise but now it's funny when I'm not leaving the question to my mother anyway so the next one is Widow may become a mega calm finally before making friends instead of trying to pawn off a snowman screen size laughs no you know what snow is you have like minus 20 minus 30 which I have owned in the fridge it's one V I offer you but so there's several entities here now we're getting into the coop yeah it's a good way to touch the topics so some questions say so now that client about this first of all we wanted to make a proper announcement it granted didn't buy the remaining assets of Amiga Inc Amiga SCA acquisition coop did they companies a separate eventually they would both contribute the assets into a non profit that was always my idea I announced it already I think Computer History Museum in Mountain View what in 2015 we spoke about the open source nonprofit and these things however tilde we also had it at this difficult legal situation the full burden of it now and this needs to be resolved otherwise you don't really merge and maybe give up some pre-existing rights and you want to be careful so there's different entities to Toronto the amiga commodore amiga developer since the 80s probably one of the longest continuous operating nigga related businesses then the new entity the acquisition entity so courant already had two copyrights the rights for the malaysian support which we have been doing since they since 97 within the malaysian classic support preservation working with institutions also all of that we've been doing long before late 90s early 2000 already all of these entities the respect this is important for me and so I am no lawyer we don't hire we don't have lawyer owners in our company we also to developers we hire software developers we always did so I wanna say it's personal but it's important to stress that I want to their position entity and we myself we respect the settlement agreement between the major companies and Hyperion for example so we respect the settlement agreement that was in place and we expect everyone else to respect it as well so no entity no one media entity ever challenged for example OS 4 so last week somebody wrote us because now we get more or less official so maybe request because there's an official reference which is transpiring so the announcement will come I wanted to wait to put something on a make a tunnel but this interview I didn't want to bypass the question is no I never fathom it was some new hardware platform for always for and I said can you maybe do the boot and I said no you must work with our partner Hyperion they are the ones who do always four so for me that I would love to keep doing this but we need to clarify something yes so we respect a settlement agreement and there's different entities so Quran 2 and acquisition entity and I hope they will be a nonprofit a foundation or something like that that will encourage more people to contribute code yeah we're gonna cover this court yes so I make it up come again isn't common ownership but it's not yet merged into the rest however I'm allowed to begin to use it for making things now good so whatever I mean we could do like something else a porn site yeah bad to say people what's gonna end up as a porn site we if the court case ends badly you never know in life I mean there's always a degree of unproductive unpredictability I know as a software developer I cannot really compete against a lawyer specializing in IP yeah so I started this knowing that it would be a challenge or whoever started this also is a debate I just stood up saying you promise for many years to explain me some things you never did please stop this and then it escalated because sometimes when you have lawyers have played they ask for that I think sometimes the chasing after IP or payments and chasing after I don't tracer no no me some companies you know are changing after also the drops yeah this is not nobody knows what's happening here just saying no no it had it happened there was a Wild West of jobs in recent years well people thought oh maybe they're not renewing the trade man you saw companies with no entitlement are these questions on this yeah a little singer so it's true after the expiration of the u.s. mark wanted to fight an intent to use application which is different from intent to use is a small softer more respectful thing done by a company who also signed the exhibit of the settlement agreement so if we were to get yes monster trademark it wouldn't be a threat to other companies but it would be usable by those companies yes so if it's dolena in the proper way it's one thing and but those grabs they need to be adopted and I think we come back to that this subject okay so his another hard one that one went quite a long way that one so it's just livid you can answer the question I haven't said it's normal making will be the main thing you did mention the snowmen service okay the question was just a few hi Michael thanks for supporting you major platform with very few words no and I have to back that up because even I remember you know when I left and any would could have stagnate they died on the spot and if it hadn't been for a mega forever at least keeping the main OS to allow people to building it you wouldn't have had any cases Emily yeah it was innovations you Michael yes lots of people tell us and new kids coming in coming in because I think it's the coolest thing ever so I don't think we would have been there if you hadn't saved it and I thank you that I truly truly mean right serving them the last one a lot hard two months and how did you feel with specific parties and many people on various forums tried to paint you as the only bad guy for simply defending yourself in court that's statements yeah may or may not be true yes I see myself as defending a certain position position which i think is the one of truth and respect for rules and at some point it's like when you are witness in a car accident yeah you have to say what you saw what you didn't see even if if it's unconvenient so you have to stand up what you believe is right some people again like you see friends you see people who stood up I told some people thank you for standing up and yes so I again it's difficult against lawyers who make public statements maybe new interview somebody young he's a lawyer he knows when to say every year everything he says isn't a certain angle and has been for the last ten years I can make mistakes so it's even more difficult to speak but thank you for i see half of the question not as i believe but and i also I used to say oh like detainee said people make that you see uses yeah people make so again it takes a thick skin some people a table say to do this in some context I don't like the word yeah thick skin yes you went as you go through ups and downs and also some people they envy you because your success I had this in the 80s as I said so you know some developers made it some didn't but it's not about thick skin thick skin to me means also ignoring you you have to train and deal with situations with difficult situations and this I see with gratitude 'we also to be able to learn and i think we could also say maybe six skins among work maybe life experiences make you less upset about certain things because as i said i've been through some things and so i have a bit more well I like stuff for one I have hope yes and because now I see a potential for peace like we never had in the last ten years and for clarity yes absolutely I I have the ability thanks to other software work and he wanted me also to explain this part the for example defending ourselves and the equation is not done with a media forever money it would be possible my wife is an accountant you know and when she saw like some developers work with us we would be but here's a multi-millionaire based on based on what but based on all the sales of the maker forever packages and money you've been taken from uh me yes I thought you've made millions yes yes we were you make you made millions with those cases yeah this is always the project is always I think that we put in our own time and money and from other projects counted that no not a single cent of amiga forever for example went into either legal or acquisition that was done with others of the work for which I'm grateful that only in the last few years we could do it but you know like ten years ago and if ignored if achill times when we have to distract divert resources from B to B to Amiga like working on software for some new version of a nigga forever we had an internal debate in difficult times why are we taking away resources on time and for me pushing this forward having to justify it was not easy now the new challenge is of course this little situation yeah okay so this this next group of trouble this year antagonistic section actually that is about four four questions he came from the same guy now I when I first asked for these questions a lot of people were posting the questions on the thread of the video and I said if you actually want the question to be you have to email it to me and then basically I've got you email to reply to you're not finding any not to reason with entire but so that I could see was legit it wasn't an anonymous thing um and you know because some of it was just silly but I will say that probably 80% that people have been very positive very nice 20% yeah okay they're very upset now over all passions run high with you and it's always been the same but this one one gentleman kindly sent me it's a question which is quite funny so um the first one was who do you think you are well it didn't matter what you said the response was gonna be is that the best you've got which made me laugh now I don't know who are you great yeah no but I love the difficult questions yeah so I would love if we do this again and we should do this again I would love correct to be with them yeah or we do what we just go ahead I visit Greg I like personal meeting soon yeah Skype is fine also you have seen her lately I avoided the forums but I I visit more events than any others I think like I'll also be a demi I was at the Irish event I was in the Bristol event I'm going to the Omega 34 of course Swindon swag swag is at the same time as picture yeah we went to the last one yeah yeah and I will say also everyone they're sending messages if you've met Mike but people with an item so you if you meet another one thing I will say about this gentleman here is I know people are passionate I can I totally get it but usually when you meet these people and you sit down and you talk to them and actually they see you for who you are this is one of the reason this video and understand that Michael to human being are human being you know you might not like us oh you might people who meet us why are you doing very well might normally draw the crowd this big prostrate he gets a better crowd than I do but so sometimes things aren't always what you see we just sound whites so sound bites I'm also like in the late 80s with the media came email from me I noticed the distance you don't see the reaction yes yeah then we have a second from out the echo chambers which amplify the negative in Sochi oh yeah the also destruction forms and so on they are driven by some interest and also they amplify some negativity so I prefer reality yeah and then that's the hope and I love you babe so Erik wants to join us great Oh come see it's good to see mix yeah I said what I am by the way to answer I mean I'm gonna develop a combat bit development before that yes how I fell in love with a meteor I love beauty and sadness now because of the current situation but I have hope and that's that's the essence of who I am maybe I still have hope so this one was even more surprising so what are your what do your parents think of this no I know issue poses you know when I started I used to cover under my door so they wouldn't see that there was lights coming out I because I could stop typing when it hurts that so already admired in even as a teenager and even when I was studying computer science which are later dropped so of course it's a big concern for parents if in middle school you spend time in front of a computer and it was something new but then I was working for my father in middle school you already have no I didn't have the media yet the maker came and the first year in the university I have to I was writing for my exam projects the C code on Amiga and converting it to Pascal then to put on a UNIX machine another time another time sharing I'm not use UNIX machine so they were concerned because it was a new world and was I wasting my time by the way I never even was playing games I was creating soft like was developing but for them for people who don't know about computers they are obviously concerned I remember the last time I was with my parents skiing I wasn't this D lift with my mother and I really would have wanted to be in front of Omega at home and I was training with this to her it was probably 1986 or 87 it was and and I was telling her you know like now all the people I know they are in front of their computer finishing some exciting project yeah and I wouldn't want I would like to do the same and finish something I have in mind you know I was dreaming about an Amiga requestors at night I remember once I had fever and I was dreaming some user interface things so that was how I was living in those years and she understood and that was the last time they forced me to go on which is sad to say because obviously for a parent it's beautiful to go with your children but they understood that for me in that time it was important to be into so I think my parents at some point of initially they were concerned if it was a serious question and now they would be okay just now I as a parent I do have a soon yes how much dream time yeah and yet also that these were the concerns of my parents these things in life they can happen to anyone whether it's a car accident whether it's a lawyer saying I sue you because whatever you have patent and all that little cross all around you and you have to the next questions for me was where do you get off yeah so okay well the last one was did you ever understand what a median tried to do in the past 20 years if yes what did they do well as I see so Amiga Inc the company after gateway you can right in to 10-year periods roughly in the first ten years they had money they didn't have a clear vision they tried different things they were strangers when how a PC first was interesting when it was fading retro wasn't yet a word always was the future it wasn't really right yeah different partnership opportunities came and went and then this work this subculture subcontracting the port-to-port three one from 60k to PowerPC turned ugly the first lawsuits and then the money suddenly ended in 2009 dr. Cooley died leading to a settlement and this settlement and the inability to get more funds and a lack of interest by the original investors since the main one died in in doing more major things created a more static a metering static but not dead because thanks to the settlement and other agreements it had licenses so when you buy an Amiga one from a year you actually will buying something under license from Amiga Inc the move opinion every Amiga one every Oh as far is the result of something that goes to the benefit of Amiga Inc so you cannot say it was dormant like something yeah because through contracts or those who are still an extension of a meeting now it's your position code and it's important in one of the missions of the company which would be also don't do advertising soon you will see in Amica future and other pixel magazine and other magazines you would see tent explaining who it is what it hopes to do some things it cannot do directly but it can express hopes why not I like I can today assess speaking personally express some hope so as I see to ten year period Roger but last 10 year period ended from me on February 1st when we acquire the assets now some people may or may not because they have their own interest not even recognize this we have to demonstrate that it was an honest transaction yeah showing the dates in which the meetings were held and all these things probably this would be drugging the copious but we have all these evidence we have contracts being signed the phone calls and all these things to show that it was an honest reduction which plans dating back from in when dr. Koo he was alive I was talking to him about open source when he was on the board of Nokia there's OS Indian went partially open source no so acquisition nonprofit foundation and all these things they were in our thoughts before these lawsuits the recent ones yeah okay so now we're gonna come on to the serious questions although to be fair the other ones actually Google could start up with the discussion points yeah so first question sorry what's your thoughts on the new clones coming out for example Amy IT extra mega and pulls a four thousand board I'm not sure pulsar night but people I don't probably know that I think that's a good way to potentially start a collaboration with a new entity because for example hardware schematics and they have been leaks also from you know private backups and archives from from the former Commodore files they helped create new developments and they do not conflict as far as I know with some claims in the court case by other parties so I think if we wanted to show that we are serious about open sourcing on general opening and stimulating development yeah I think open sourcing schematics polygala code and these things I'm not talking three one or things just schematics yeah it would help development but also remove the legal ambiguity the moral ambiguity that many half because they not you know I was approached by some mingi - he told me well you know we did this but we were using stolen files this is terrible it means we have to restore beauty so I think one of the first steps we can do without entering into the legal debate of the of the court case this is not touch the schematics I'm not part of that so hardware is not part of that I think which that will be the first step so for example now we have the official Amiga Inc archives we have them this backups this tax development there's a lot of projects and I think that that's more than for example my opinion was ever given to develop OS for but we need more we know there's more copies and tapes and we entitled to have them to preserve them we already worked with reservation institutions yeah so well not everything can be free and available for all because there's also private data in it for example there are files with passwords and people keep reusing their passwords so for example yeah yeah you don't want to disclose all passwords by all comma ingenious right so some some things but Oh some does private means this far as uucp files that were dropped here they're just because they were thought so but for preservation sometimes prevent the preservation will prevail I think I'm invited whoever has copies to contribute them maybe they're the same of what we already have from the Sun from the parts machines from other repositories maybe not and we can see the difference the dilution maybe we can reconstruct in a better way how the company work and and get more schematics and release them in an official way not just in a way that makes people feel bad about using shady things we talked about this before but there seems to be more hardware development than actually software available so and that's really positive but to make it easier for people if it's if there's an official way now they can actually talk to the owners of the immediate company now don't I think that's going to help no nothing else nothing else very cold hardware I started almost envying however developers when the Commodore companies collapsed and they left a void that harbor developers could feel yeah our software developers collapse in sales of new amigas official amigas meant reduction in sales of software problem so for me it was really a collapse not just the quarterly revenues from Commodore the royalties memory and because of our social lives but also our distributors collapsed so I could have bought a house then I'm not only two years ago yeah but anyway so that's this no well this kind of leave those both said that's good future anyway but so the next question is where do you see the amiga in five ten twenty five years time okay so no button yeah it does client and support this is a good question the sclera to support fair use when it comes to the media media material just to show you're like to debate it don't think it's it's a good question okay this is obvious you shouldn't even ask it it's in the law you don't have as a company to support it's like saying that you believe in respecting the law fair use is part of the law yeah and but I believe in going an extra step I believe like when we use things in the media forever I believe even when it's a public domain I believe in asking asking is showing respect yes yes it's communicating so yes fair use and the law in general and the settlement agreement and everything is supported by grantor money personally but I also like asking yeah like if I do an interview you know copyright is I am the speak I have no right to know what I say strangely you own the rights over the movie but I still ask you you ask you permission I ask you permission these things so and it's not limited to me it's it's all works in general so I think you know but at least now because I've said in the past and so I'd like to have talked to maybe the media owners in the past who disputed and now at least now this is one of great things that's coming out of this we actually do have a point where we can go to and discuss what we won't like to do I have I tried to keep my Amiga inbox at zero I I will try to keep it as a mission I failed with Toronto because we have internal I have internal email external email I do some support also I'd like to be in touch with the rally but I need a mic at a nigga dot-com I try to keep zero once a week so I try to respond to everything okay so um let's go to the next one is so yeah so the question was again a way to CD made with 5 to 10 5 10 25 years time which is kind but so how do you think he's going would you like to see I have to have beauty restored like a little bonsai we know we are not Windows we're not Apple you know Linux and this is in a good way we represent diversity diversity not just relative to this but also diversity within our community the company who doesn't even know what logo to use the company who doesn't know is it common Amiga is it Amiga as I said the original team things turned ugly other times but it will all be friends so you know the feel modern on deathbed vigil and so on come out about it and now we bought it at the end you respect some changeovers and you should try to present history and also love for a future but present history taking into account what aspect there was a california team there was a great worker or not commodore there was a great community there was developers they are developers and i would like to be more transparent more respectful more clarity so you mentioned hardware developers sometimes it's often a matter of saying okay you can use these names you shouldn't use these names without a license and you can say this in two lines and you bring clarity you have one researcher who's worried but the others who think they need to grab some trademarks because otherwise no these things need to be sorted out just to restore some of the older piece respect and yeah but this is for me I'm important yeah but everyone knows when everyone knows the rules I mean it's almost like branding guidelines you know if you want to use something you have to make sure you put this registered trademark and so we know these rules but I'm also on that question just just because it was what would you like to see how would you like to see if you make it to better over the next ten would you like this because I I have my personal vision but of course well you have to develop I think first up you have to restore the ability to do with confidence what you already know yeah so it's not just preservation which we do we have done maybe too well because people are societal yeah they associate us now with like with fear or they will also only do all yes but remember we were developers before the innovation we wrote the first PowerPC commercial code probably we innovated in many many ways with new software packaging formats with code there's a lot of code in the media forever that some people like to say oh you're just using some GPL they haven't used it so in one dimension in a human legal I want to see peace because reconciliation clarity so the new amiga entity will have no grudges so these things which maybe were put in because you will like to believe some things or whatever you thought you have to do this no reconciliation means going over something yes okay and then I think more will flourish but we need to cover preservation and education I think that some of the old things we have they're good for that then we need to allow for both classic and new generation whether you like the name or not but these are concepts one means 68k one means how a person or whatever and confidence need to be restored in the ability of being able to do this of course the hardware landscape is always changing there was our fathers risk arm I mean there's risk 5 now you always have many distractions which are possible and only one is the right one like getting married can you come back can you do them all is it the right thing to dilute and do everything or not can you be cross-platform maybe yes maybe not what is what is a mega do you need the custom chips it doesn't like your exercise excellence with demoscene production is it isn't it good to have some reference hardware with custom chips they can be debated about that we haven't got time for that about because that's a massive debate but that's something I think in the future the will needs is I think I agree with you that I think we need to get resolves it problems and if we can get everything nice and on a level ground so we can then start working for the future and then lots of things I think things will happen and it takes time so I have to ask and invite patience it's not just yeah you have 20 years of patience yep and things flourished in spite of some turbulence or maybe also because of some problems we need to the court case needs to be resolved some of the questions here cannot be answered without seeing what the interpretation which we always wanted to know of some wording in the settlement agreement what the intention of working so that only a court can say so but once we get past that I think yeah then yes Matt well I've discussing me my opinion I'll say this for a buy I do I would love to see you know the Amiga is never going to be Linux but we can have this nice little we could a cottage kind industry and there's already lots of people did they're making enough money from just doing the hardware and so on for a hobby I mean I'm not at all that a case for the case yes it's been good but if we can build this and so though people are confident that they can they know the rules they can follow the rules we can we can build something nice and is I think it'd be nice if people could maybe get back to people making a living from this which I think would be then that what I would consider that a success but that that's what I would okay okay so the next one is what are your plans for the me yeah on that point let me just say something is I think important that I I gave Mike all the list of the questions in advance so he was prepared so if anyone thinks I'm Michael Stalinist questions knows I slept for hours tonight yeah yes so it's very important that I guess I build the questions and I gave them to Michael so he could prepare his answers he's given pretty good answers so there was no surprises you may call me the Jay Leno here but there's no surprises here so it's really getting this information out to you so but I didn't go through legal or anything yeah so the essence of this is I would like to defuse the toxic situation we have now and restore some beauty and order and respect and clarity if before the technical sorry and you cannot you know it's like announcing a product before you do the licensing some have done it it doesn't it's ugly yeah so you need to restore that so okay so the next question any thoughts about expanding to meet you forever to include Mac OS I emulation my PowerPC emulation and an Atari of stimulation we need to maintain some focus I think so initially you know when we did the big rewrite of Amiga forever around 2007-2008 and also with Trevor's help as you probably know he gave us a loan we paid it back but it allowed us to rest for one or two years without a new release and rewrite the whole player framework the idea was that we would do several platforms and the framework actually is very modulating that it has differed to post different emulation engines it supports an abstraction layer with different platforms so emulation engines platform and the players so several layers and I mean we work in practice not in academia it works as a product that it works but we thought we could do spectrum doors potential est and others however seeing that resources are limited and we need to keep focus I noticed that ten years later Commodore Amiga 8-bit ran Amiga kept me already very busy so yes technically the framework has shown that it can work we already work with four different and five emulators so as plugins and engines we use five different technologies and then this more than half a million lines of our code added around them and we also give back to the open source projects but so yes in theory it's possible but don't I learned not to do many too many things I don't know depressed yeah yeah okay some others are doing I mean Atari ST I see someone using when you AE already you know but that's unrelated okay so that's question given the reason and not so recent court lethal actions is there any new development regarding the discourse of possible futures specifically open source well I think we covered that in introduction so what we started discussing in 2015 or what is now at granted of old yeah I luckily I set those things before the challenges that come I came up in 2017 no yeah so if we and I should say in the acquisition agreement we explicitly carved out which was not easy the possibility to set up foundation on a profit because you may be scared when you sell me something I have to keep paying you maybe for a while but I do want on profit [Music] so but we were able to do this because for me it's important so um there can be no suspicion that we're doing it for some reason related to the court case because it was announced already before I always thought was speaking about this I can tell you who gave me some ideas and so on and already five years ago or more so yes foundational prophet education open source some but not all we have to see what type of license how it would be beautiful if we could match some assets maybe some arrows developments also giving them a motive an extra motivation yeah and again it could flow back in all ways for just like and done by our partner yeah like they did but what if more people could contribute to three point one now you already have three one four which was apart from the fact that it was rebuilt and I'm skipping to maybe knowing that there will be questions about that I rebuild rather than patches because much of it was already done before much many of the patches where from previous developments owned by the Commodore Amiga companies and big international them but there was the generous contribution of all of Tours and others who I believe worked little or no compensation ya know and this is an example of how it could be done in a in a proper framework but open-source tool is expensive you need guidance so often there's a trade-off they say what about the projects where you have champions who 20 percent to 80 80 percent of the work are they good or bad but sometimes they are the winning projects so yes open open source I believe in that I don't think like hurt sales in a greedy way I think Linux is a fantastic example of this you know because it's had money to help develop it and push it about Linux also big companies IBM they don't get what they want out of it and everyone else gets the benefit Linux I have discussions with Richard Stallman it might open a can of worms this some you know that's why I respectfully say you know Linux yeah so this UNIX of which Linux in a way because it's good to know why you don't have to know the history and all these your system I mean just saying open source honest to other sources simple necessarily but it's why everyone knows huh okay so next question what's the possibility of reversion of workbench ROM the stroke one that would work out of the box with the vampire range of accelerators or even just to be for standalone here we enter the topic of the legal challenges yeah maybe I am too respectful of let's wait and see until the court decides yeah because some people just jumped and released some things I would not have done this I think it was wrong yeah because it was in the middle of the court case so technically of course the answer is yes it's about 68 or 60 code we already in our Omega as the 3x rooms which have been doing for more than ten years now we have arches in place to fix the 6800 sixteen code and then they smooth another aspects of it to be taken care of but of course technically we have shown as an amiga community that can do everything yeah so yes but technically not legally I don't want to complicate the case I don't so even if it could be doable I don't want to complicate I am patient I practically yeah ten years old still patient there was a merger yeah okay so should provide to secure the necessary rosewood company let independent developers access the source code or contribute without having to sign an NDA or contracts of sorts and will will be allowed to freely share the patches and/or derivative work it's a very speculative question so first it wouldn't be clan so the new entity is an entity in which clan to contribute even its own the copyright it owns but I would like it to be a fresh entity quanta will do in an ideal case it's only to be software like that already does and the new entity will do this sometimes you know it's we have seen ugly contracts like you sign something which says NDA and then you find out the small print that you have a signing you've been assigning some of your old and future work it's something that this mutual non-disclosure it's not customary and I'll developer maybe doesn't know what he's doing when he sees non-disclosure so I think what Laurence one of our lawyers has taught me is that an agreement has to be fair and respectful sometimes I thought nobody supported for the other side or something but you have to really have a balance and in the long term that's what works for example we have we did some open source were working on on github and the developers didn't have to sign the copyright which even dig new foundation they make you assign the copyright because it if you have a respected foundation that may need change the license or something maybe it's better that the OS is owned by one entity but what we did is in sort of a copyright assignment we had a softer I think I don't remember smoothly know who did this it was like you allow me to use your work in his project no so it was like a release it was not ownership yeah so there's different ways of agreements that because if you contribute your project and then it's not clear what the project can continue doing if you disappear of whatever that's not good for anyone it's paralyzing yeah that's why sometimes you saw in like the the VLC media player no they it was pulled from the App Store because it wasn't comfortable with the itunes rules and it was impossible to track down all developers it was a big mess so I think our agreement needs to be in place but it has to be fair and respectful and I hope that we can deliver to that these are things I believe in I cannot say more than a personal opinion on this stuff okay I mean Inc had a plan of going cross-platform with a mega de product as a VM what plans still exist and does the invention of webassembly in the browser influence this well Amiga de based on the tower work you had one of our colleagues at office in Udina was working a lot with those people so I think I can mention it was Rudy who was working with an idiot time 2000 we were very involved so these technologies Java was the cool thing immediately I don't know if having to think about running anywhere and then oh but also testing anyway that's the truth sometimes of these of course we are techies we are aware of these things like web are simply convinced even the current people to abandon some NaCl and all the technologies that already have been used to run even emulation amiga malaysian army emulation was used as a test case even with them for the browser code yeah it also tired ties with with topic of will you put it in the cloud yes so now they're streaming we have a partner who puts emulation and then you have like a remote access to it so we could even do like for tinkering for experimenting what is an Amiga but you could also just as easy after all it's one of good five six floppy disks at most so I I would be careful not to do too many things and decide what is the identity maybe not of one Omega but of three what is classic what is preservation what is the future of classic what is the future of whatever other branches maybe there can be an experimental branch or like an animal research operating system or an experiment and one which has a test framework that needs to pass in every nightly build it needs to pass the compatibility tests and actually we are doing now to make it buildable again in our version with emulation we have virtual machines for automated testing of roms on these things okay so you're combining our regular media forever end-user product also as a development tool okay that's interesting okay so yeah there were many frameworks we have telogen common point yet flash we had and they specific has its merits - yeah just Universal okay so next one well I will there ever be a bridge technology that allows accelerators 68k machines to run VM code along with next-generation mega ones series platforms well as annex as a as a fancy thing we have this I had we had Mandelbrot running on x86 sidecar on an Amiga thousands so where the x86 was offloading some we had you remember our frakkin I mean machines had a PowerPC and 68k running at the same time now when you boot into like OS 4 you switch off 68k others the first thing but we had before there was an amiga native OS for the PowerPC we had to CPU use just as a fancy accelerator just now for a I used GPS yeah so it's nothing new the bridge technology and you told me yeah other things too so I'm saying why not but also why yes maybe let's talk about multiple course one for more power hungry mouth one is better for sleep and balance those rather than having yeah so many different yeah a lot of these questions there's like big subjects in the room yeah right so those cookies will Amiga rest we put one be open sourced and under what license okay I think you can also read the next one so does going to have the ability to open source amigo ass if so does he know oh yes I am if so why does he not open the outside okay so as I said it's not going to be canto it would be the new entity yeah and only after the court case is clarified certain things so this needs to be resolved before we can even discussed it but open source and under what license is part of the discussion I said I think some rules needs to be in agreement when you make contributions otherwise the project is crippled it's not healthy as in the long term and it's fair and respectful I see no problem with many successful projects doing that for example we released some works on the GPL to MPL to a dual license yeah personally I wouldn't release things and like a pure GPL 3 I don't like too much but a dual GPL to appeal to that was an example of something we did I cannot say this will be the custom licenses nothing feeling is your thing to do it yes some license yes and we have some licensing experts you also have to consider that there's an active commercial work also yes so there's a search side but I think one doesn't need to hurt the other one either I think it's win-win yeah good I think that's a fundamental violence she's be honest but anyway um ok next question how are you going to make sure to the best of your ability James Schofield or any other important people do not leave the immediate classic with well-hidden Ian's from jail yes no well I consider I say consider us a friend we did many things together and I think the thing with sympathy some people in general where I think dragged into situation where they left they were led to believe some things or the seed no outcome because they thought they were put in a corner which I did not want to put anyone I think they were put by other people so I believe in reconciliation I mean being the new amiga entity we hold no grudges who said that we work with at fair terms with anyone and sometimes at symbolic terms just with ensuring quality control for example which is a requirement for trademarks but people are always left it's my best most skilled Amiga friends left in the early 90s and I thought they were smart and I was stupid because I was sticking to the mission so people always left it's not that you can prevent somebody from leaving if they want to leave no I you know if this case is really had a strong thing or whatever maybe it would be a relief for at last I could focus on some other things but I unfortunately I still have this Amiga like the hope and the belief in the beauty and the friends that it can go on also without lawyers and just test is believing and uncompromising creativity friendship meeting like you do you know other people visit come I go somewhere we spend a few days together and that's immediate - yeah one other thing I was saying that is James's change to the way back and he creates fantastic products which I love however there are lots of people creating great products you've only got to look at the accelerators I'm a fan of the ACA 500 but there have so much being developed by so many people so if James did which I hope he doesn't but if he did leave the community there's lots products in his place similar products so as I said I would bar this time I hope he stays I think hope is a good work you have to give hope yeah like in the economic situation in many countries man italy's and a good example young people have no hope yeah so there must be hope the must be beauty there must be hope and you can leave but leaving is one thing but leaving and blending others no it's not so nice or threatening to leave a second power power game again it's a different matter so black males I have to be honest - no Outsiders if you're gonna leave then it's a case of know I like to meet committee many years ago you're gonna leave your leave I mean you've maybe explain why you've left but I don't understand this I'm going to leave anyway so I hope he doesn't because he's done some amazing work well let's move on this one ok ok yes alright so awesome other sir plans to bring back updated ok manuals is some form there a reasonably expensive print on demand service a day or maybe as ebooks or peace I actually have the full sale so there's some contracts which are part of the comodo files I haven't looked at them yet so we actually reserved the bunch of 1000 is yen codes already ok some time ago one of the works that Rudy for example did around 2000 when he was staying with us also now well changed a few exciting companies but she was doing I think it was a late tech so with their stance of course of the document of the and somewhere there must be also saucers some already have been edited we need to find a good file format editable to be able to convert to ebook and PDF and whatever and yes that's high in the list like having tablet-based or emulation assistance educational framework it has to have the books yes so the great bit the basic book they've machine language and the drum disassembly maybe and yes I believe in that but I cannot promise on time okay okay so the question is I haven't loved my amigaone x1000 that runs Amiga OS 4.1 Fe now and have long dreamed of an Amiga OS 4.2 can you please tell us ng Amiga users how current only an amiga IP will affect the future updates to OS whenever there's a change yeah that's important whenever there's a change of ownership you must respect the old agreements so it's not porn - it's the new acquisition entity in your position entity respect the settlement agreement so if you have questions about always for you ask them to Hyperion I pay them as a value problem this the donor job so far importing to new hardware talk to them yeah yes so Toronto of course should for any reason you know if an entity disappears even I can disappear I have contingency plans or laws if something happens to me we there are plans you know now we're in the middle of a situation which I hope will be resolved once it's completely resolved we can walk in with these plans but of course we can't step in if for some reason the settlement agreement disappears yeah we can create a clearer one together with the other party we can do something because some right would revert to maybe the mega integers but that's maybe it's a personal opinion and yes we can get some sort of continuity but right now ask Hyperion yeah pause this they don't know is the interesting problems Steve visited with great personal sacrifice a wife and a baby at home and also you know he was at risk of you know you have his arm he's about hold and this is not coming again my chest is not you know it's not then you make the new omega entity wants to make possible more not less yes all right so continuing Steve this should be but my idea I cut these information yeah it's a bonus we should do a blu-ray actually I have my little 3d camera yeah right yeah all right so let's start this again okay all right next question is why is Chloe enter corporation and CIA acquisition corporation organized under the laws of the state of Nevada because in 98 when we set up a business in the US because for some things like working with Fortune 50s and all the large businesses he cannot work as an Italian entity oh you could maybe for pass of but not for software and people from Israel and from many other countries not just Italy I've seen this so you need to have our US presence I happen to be in the matter who and so our accountant is there the service there and I have a local connection as I said I am a member of the local computer club and I usually when I'm there I see like my system Palo Alto I travel to see the accountant and other people in Las Vegas and that's why there's a good reason it's no conspiracy oh nice question huh I also updated my classic amigas with the recently released iOS 3.14 and physical roms from Hyperion and again wonder how Chloe enter owned in the IP by let's move it forward with effect OS we pull out for future updates moving forward yes well as I said we want to make more possible not less I think it was an example of great work that can be done yeah just the legal situation was such that I would not have released it while they were doubts about work and how you can do this I think you could speculate that it was done with a bad timing and all as a purpose as a desperate move or not I don't know that's things that came out in the questions but okay next question I'd like to know what Michael thinks about the vampire in the growth in a 68 community in a post policy PowerPC age it's a bit early to talk about it demise of the PowerPC but again FPGA is an imaginary technology just like to mention arm there is fire well I thought disclosure I'm a big fan of many things being done with that luckily it doesn't fragment so you could create a code base for 68k that yeah yeah no I don't know McCarthy's people no effect it's okay this is a big question isn't it right so next now that you own all the IP will you be looking to create a rebirth machine range including entry level five hundred twelve hundred equivalent and if yes would you consider the classic microcomputer form factor keyboarding computer in one would you be looking to work with the existing hardware manufacturers I on Apollo etc or would you try to do it in-house it's very speculative you know I I too wish we had new amigas when I enter a room with the first four screens the actual hardware I remember the sound click lights up emotions so of course it's to speculate if you must remember I spoke I mentioned the word Banzai I think we must do nice things that we can do sure the last part of the questions is who are the existing hardware manufacturers of course I think Ian I'm working with Trevor and Matthew they're valuable partners I am confident they could help but many others too so yes I think there can be a rebirth if you want to call it like that but it's speculative and I put it after the court case question so we'll meet again and see so my message to people like to keep the single people computer I've always liked the big box amigas so it is to say we have and emotions yes touch - exactly yeah I always have you know after the thousand houses to me I had a 2000 and then a 3000 my 3000 it was powered on like for 10 years I had a prototype and I discuss about the serial chip row at some point but I replaced him I put a skateboard and expansion yeah more expansion yeah I never owned of yeah actually we hacked but are you a colleague of mine we have two eight four thousand arms yeah but it wasn't my machine yeah for some reason I start with three thousand people probably I have a video title which I could never have in in Europe and I have a 3000 with a video toast with nonentity monsters just always it's probably reason for I did certain things um okay so so I'm planning on buying workbench three point one point four and his Kickstarter AAM's but who actually owns both who should I buy buy it from if Hyperion is selling them does he get a commission or the company a commission again it's a difficult topic it's part of the things he we wanted to clarify can you name me one feature that three one four house that wasn't good in the previous patches like how much hardest support and all these things they already we're part of Amiga in count no of course it was already compiled yeah I know they fixed some minor bugs but can you mention anything well the only one we mention meaner Oh dick painting yeah doc cuz I always had his fun when I ran and I've run the emulators for a while I've always demoed but I've always want to be a deep pain demo deep eight five for some reason the emulation and all on all the emulators might be paid for five would always crash but when I put it on the new on the new suit for the first thing that I'll see well any work fine so there must have been some work they've done some nice little I don't know because it runs I we worked with Electronic Arts with little on the tablet sensitivity and these last years and because of this I know that the paint works in a makeup forever yeah and that's with the normal homes thirty one breaks so maybe you just recreate something from I think to be honest I think mine was probably cuz I was writing RTG trying to launch from there and he was getting confused so well so who owns both it's a big mess so you have developers who contributed code I don't know what this signs but based on existing code so sorry so it's really it's a mess yes I need resolving so we have our undisputed 3x for more than 10 years now and I think it's a stable surgically modified ROM which was not recompile which also introduces compatibility issues sure we had our own share of issues like in one version which didn't last long there was a problem with booting from certain puppy drives floppy drives are complex topic so but this was fixed so I think by surgically inserting patches that we already done for Amiga international meeting and later I think we achieved a good compromise of compatibility and still having the same large disk support and other features that are now being praised as if they were something new I would almost no point when when you went to version 4 liability when the stability from my experience was way better and it may be I have not charted with that we knew if always just a real like it was priorities are not always the same sometimes we lose speed and some we lose something on all the systems by introducing new things you introduced back so we are a bit more conservative introducing new code in omega forever also with Tony there's a great relationship and I would really thank Tony again because we are in almost daily definitely weekly contact and there's been a great collaboration there and but of course tinkering it's just like having an experimental branch and a stable one in a media forever you may be the priorities are not us having so many options but they said adapt in some options which you don't find in the other yeah according to this so um writes the next one Oh yeah so this question of which I was interested in this one what happened with the 8-bit guys request for license in his so I I'm here admitting my shortcomings in the TR siding communicating but we are here also because they're working on that so I think he I have his response now it was I asked him after he did the show [Music] so David has a great show on YouTube with a lot of followers he also sells products and she likes to present things in a way which in a catchy way which may be in flames of passion it's Kate's passion and so on so I think he said tried to use the contact form a dozen times so make that one he received the first communication which she didn't like but then we followed up later I explained to him things he explained to me things we had a phone call I believe in any case he didn't have he never called me so he says after I asked him why do you say these things he admitted if possible I was exaggerating some so he didn't send a dozen emails or several phone calls and there was no refusal to answer so he confused people he called somebody else and he said you know I'm busy like hundred different projects okay but that doesn't justify what you say in public it's possible I was exaggerating some I didn't really keep track of how many times and I reached out of this other person who did this and he said you license from you and so he asked him but sorry I'm sorry I never heard from that so but I think I think there was some exaggeration some terrible exaggeration which is a lot it happens a lot nowadays yes I'll go being more from the technical side I'm more of an introvert I know if they bad sales an engineer who tells you the negative before the positive I prefer to licensed wiser than once just to be sure so well he's better than me in sales maybe David Murray could help us I'm gonna say that I have seen that email I have actually seen the response and I think he's just one of those things where it was inflamed it was and then it went Mia and then it is I am NOT even melting his intentions yes so speaking freely his memory as he says he does hundred different projects I was late in my first response I said something that wasn't the replies wanted here but then we clarified after his his right let's go to the next one um will we see a maker as a cloud-based OS and possible to install as a virtual machine waits two different questions we already have yeah so machine some people see emulates that I take I don't start an emulator it's pretty much virtual machine it's not quite the user interface elements are very similar to hyper-v terminology the terminology we use now with some expectations which microsoft hours brought in like snapshot is the way you call taking a safe state mouth yeah it's not a screen snapshot the controls are the same same stop play cloud-based OS well you can already do even if you do not notice the simulation based in the cloud and you can do that already now with a partner yeah and but don't do too many things again keep focus it could be a fancy way to try something new you've never seen a nigger you can try it the script paste or web assembly based or whatever so will we see I think we will see - but this was the fusion you know you do so many different things you don't notice nothing focus the focus is restoring the things I said making possible new things in the current branches and then expanding you but first we have to fix the foundation bring back the beauty and order yeah because people think of once once this is fixed I think everything will happen just like okay that's mythical in event of open source and Omega Rho is 3.1 have you considered using source code license compatible with a raw source code license I didn't try that one I to be honest I haven't checked the legal implications of the arrows license I don't know about hold on a ship there I I was in touch with people from day one I know he's left now so he may still be I would love to be more involved with this we sponsored some projects in arrows we in in every meter forever we try to have a fresh field so try arrows out of the box yes yes and I think just just like arrows has done great things you mentioned the 3d and other aspects yeah and they are also used outside yeah misusing some I'm a kid then you have always for the pricing for that charity if we have an official family there could be an important role and recognition for someone yeah good but maybe there should be a freedom for that experimental branch research branch romantic fulness okay okay so what they make related IPS that you own all the company owns and what right is that okay that's two questions I piece one thing and rights means also respecting previous agreements of course maybe the agreement says you can terminate it or expires or sometimes it happens but still you are you have to respect the old also before yeah so grant already on copyrights all copyrights owned by Commodore Amiga and we made these assignments in different dates and they were they were recorded with the US Copyright Office in for the sake of transparency so initially in 97 we had agreement for all the patents trademarks and copyrights the patents expired and then the copyrights we first acquired 50% and 100% up to 93 and then from 94 onwards in a different agreement and this already was on background so the CIA acquisition entity may have some residual interest copyrights where it wasn't maybe like Amiga de was not theirs any work on by Megan for example even maybe some contributions that went into OS forth they are not owned under the settlement agreement should they revert off any reason maybe the mega entity may my own son this is speculative so it also on the copyright found everything that granted didn't already on which is to my opinion not really much so that's why I say once the things are sorted out I would like to see plan to contribute in the same entity so there will be one amiga entity yeah trademarks oh it owns a lot and it was in not dormant but put to active use over the years quanto Hyperion young amiga kid all these companies produced products and sold products using the Amiga marks recognizing the Amiga Inc so what rights does it give him before I answer in in detail I'm not a lawyer but you need to see the court case resolved as I said I think it gives us the right to at least a lot of people to do what is done now and we want to allow the whole ecosystem to do more okay so the cottage industry as you call it or whatever so yeah we want to be empowering and enabling entity not some blocking okay um how about third parties how do they part companies get in touch about licensing any product design to be in line with IP rights well Mike the Mediacom is my email address but keep in mind that some things cannot be answered without legal consultation and if you need legal advice I'm not the one who can give you legal advice don't believe anybody then other than your lawyer of course you have to listen to all voices but you may need a lawyer and you have to wait patiently also for the court case to be resolved because there are some uncertainties which is a reason why I to wait for that okay are you going to reach out to our developers and what support will you be offering I think schematics told guidelines we mentioned that yeah if we if we are able to restore some publications again in a more efficient way that can be maintained but however developers should be able and proud to be able so to be compatible which means contributing drivers or getting low-level api source for access and they should definitely clarity what names can in use without a license what can you use with a license so the rules when they are the same for everyone I think there's respect and clarity and confidence not just some good oh you made 50 boards and you put them on eBay and the other reseller pulls them because he's a competitor on these things they should not happen this is very ugly and unfortunately we see that a lot not okay have you a plan to develop in-house software for class accelerated omegas I think we dedicated to us well he means system software application software I don't know what the questions are then all the question is a minute personally speculative broad and it targets related to the topical for the system side we need to see yeah I think you okay as a technology world around us is increasingly becoming touchscreen only I would like to this is the questioner I would like to know if your plans for Ireland the classic Omega s or next generation include plans for digit ditching traditional mice and keyboard or if they will still be supported again this ditching I couldn't believe it it seemed that Microsoft a few years ago was embracing the tablet he crowd and trend which was short lasting for productivity I think and really the digital so I can understand the question but don't expect me to ditch and it's not that I love the other so I believe in a keyboard and a precision Mouse like you have here as a human enhancing tools precision tools that allow us to do more and of course I would like to be able to offer user interface for game publishers for to render the joystick inputs in a touchscreen Microsoft also strange some guidelines we work with their Xbox user input team some of that but did she keep on a mouse no no my opinion is would be the worst thing to ever happen I can't even imagine it happening but the operating system does need I mean we had oh I remember back in late 80s we had touch screens and we were touching the screen up we've got the obviously yeah we when you don't have one but by choice from us but maybe you don't have it let's say you have one of those come 21 notebooks in omega forever we spent a month's work to do a beautiful virtual keyboard now in recently accessed versions you can snap it and it becomes one and we have passed through a Unicode enabled so let's say you have a Japanese in the emulation you can paste clipboard and type and all these things in a transparent way that no emulator has ever done because for us some technical things or usability things are important and we give them time so no don't worry teaching of keyboard mouse button and be more realistic because it's something that what are your thoughts on Omega OS on different CPUs and I didn't write that one yeah again when you are so a good example of a company jumping from one CPU to the other with success is Apple yeah the change from 68k to PowerPC to x86 now let's say maybe next year arm who knows to three years I have no doubt that if they do it they will be successful but whether we can afford to jump to so many platforms and of course it's not only the choice of the Amiga people because if IBM others release a low budget PowerPC CPU that everyone can again use and enjoy the single core power that a mega OS uses so well on a single core single core but single thread no that's what we need without modifying the u.s. right now but so whether we can jump as successfully as Apple is one question whether we can become a universal OS Java like that runs on four or five systems will it really be more or less successful really dilute identity this has to be at the base so also based on outside decisions from the technology the CPU makers to see what they bring to market I hope see having opinions as well but I'm ok do you plan on leveraging hardware companies I am a cubic cetera to move away from PowerPC to a more affordable Hardware CPU platform do you plan on making amigos 3x of so for me grows for X Paula jeez how about agnostic or keeping it limited to one family CPUs well first quest for Hyperion so we respect that of course and this CPUs actually slightly different in enough way and the chipsets that they require some some adaptations I know even x86 has the same issue so like our old cake slide called Linux based environment boots on some systems but not on some new ones so it's good when you have control of the hardware like yeah again Apple shows you that it's good to have that control even on the mobile the the latest OS versions run on a larger share of devices than Android because they have this control so if a good company like Google has the same problem let's be careful and you see that you can do more with less sometimes so Hardware agnostic I don't think that is possible because that means support and perfectly support an open-ended number of hardware key Tetris is simply not possible so as I said when a question like that came in last week I refer them to Hyperion yeah so would you be forming an Amiga OS foundation to support development in the same veins at the passions ilium and various VSD foundations yes so we have family members in the US who worked in some foundations I I know it's bureaucracy but we're not afraid of bureaucracy so when you're somewhat familiar with Italian tax and legal requirements and so on yeah we're not scared by by a non-profit and I think it should be a u.s. nonprofit Commodore Amiga was a US company and I would like the P to stay in the u.s. also our us experience is there are people okay so this question will there be new 3x iOS versions in the future and how will the lawsuit affect IC which means your Dementors 3x well we yes there's a beta version already it has been since - since Amiga 34 I other version there again Jeff weeks great support and other people who greatly contributed for 68 or 6060 board or to test but the thing is we became less aggressive seeking the clarifications of the court case whereas the other side maybe because it has in-house lawyers they gambled a bit more I don't know so the question contains the answer how would the lawsuit effect that the lawsuit will affect that so yeah I think they will be we have had more than 10 years of 3x okay but what exactly yes because there is this code use created by smart people who however are entangled into other contracts also they would like to contribute but apparently they can't so that's right yeah so as a Mac Linux user I've really only use the one part of my current version of making forever will soon start working on a Mac version can we skip this question this is this is a difficult see we are lady no client as website for a year there's not oh okay very long time okay oh no he's right this is embarrassing this is this shows you that you have to prioritize and you know not everything is possible with the same quality and so I am still hopeful that there will be a Mac OS very proper good mac OS versions of Omega forever yeah so just like I would love to see a good Raspberry Pi or Chromebook pixel but nothing that sort of case of maybe reaching a bit fun you're better off concentrate on the one team hello yeah exactly and maybe your let partners do yeah so here the similar questions that's pretty pie and other single board systems any mu be a me cakes so Amiga X first of all this is a speculative I was car for two minutes okay so these are basically - okay so I'll read the re both of them yeah right start again I'm gonna join two questions together here so one of them is will you encourage support of Raspberry Pi and other single pork appears and the second question is will there be an Amiga mini or would they be willing to work with in Ruby for the furtherance of their major X yes okay yeah will the new entity kolento or whatever support or get better involved in the Amiga X project first of all it's one of those things where it's risky to announce a project to the public using some names and some and then ask permission yes so right now there's no way somebody could use the mega name for a project like this I when first reached out to me and we didn't even askin you yes so is Thomas from maybe so he told me she knows you cannot use the mega trade not gonna product without a license he told with this so he doesn't even need to be educated about this we just let me got the coverage in the 90s for some things but it seems that some parts of the community have embraced it as if it was something that existed so because we all want hope hope is something that you attach to Hyperion on to the new owner so whoever represents the ability to create something new because we all want to believe and I would like the new entity to be the official carrier of cleaner expectance way of focusing not hope yeah so yes just like you work with some linux-based systems of course there are spirit by I think that I think the message here is if you want to use any of the trademarks ask before you announce not just trademarks any type of idea in general yes in the work of somebody else now of course fair use is one thing but ripping off okay yes so let's question I recently read the Commodore Italy is acquired global rights for Commodore trademarks do you have any thoughts or plans to partner with them for products I don't know I am not aware of are they come over Italy I know that this they put this mailbox companies in London now there were two identical companies of this player then when you log drive address to you know I well what they didn't father nearly thinks they were resolved both of them as far as I know so I am suspicious if somebody creates a company called a motor business machines to be exactly the same name again the plane with hopes you want to be official maybe somebody edits with in keep in here and says oh they are their official successor but that's I think dropping in the worst form I think if you are the successor because you acquired the IP it's one thing but just because I would you form a company and call it whatever you so that are exactly the same it would make no sense of a as well if they form a company could it come with a Business Machines No so I think that answers the questions as a more personal thing a lot wouldn't sit well you know we witnessed these attempts more than once again I do and then I see the reaction and sometimes the reaction is some gullible or what to believe John is now you have clicks again it's that distorted echo chamber of news fake news once if it becomes and if it comes enough information further people start to believe mr. Olver I think our history speaks for it we plan and we license and we work before we announce oh yes okay are there any current plans for new mega computers or licenses third parties to brand approved hardware's and they can you confirm the client unknowns the amiga name and logo the one on the a500 Exedra yeah we knew it was and if so we're into licensing out to third-party products so we agreed that the ownership would be the new Amiga and Yeti no of course quanto just like amiga companies gave it the right to use amiga forever work which were some things it's currently coexisting with the acquisition entity so that our existing agreements in place which the lawyers have set up just to explain what one of these companies can do on the other so it's generally speaking at the new position entity not want to that owns the bigger name and okay yes there's a willingness to license without harming of partners so there may be existing agreements sometimes you cannot do something just because there is an agreement in place and there must be quality control whenever there's a trademark license and there will be simple rules just like now Microsoft tells you you can use this marker or this you cannot use unless you have a license so don't worry about doing this as long as the roads are clear so yes but would you license it for underwear and socks maybe not so quality control also means keeping next interview I want to do with the meager sauce III consider myself a friend of petrol and I loved it when he came out with the socks I think he did a lot of gadgets and so yes merchandising in a trivial under leg like Cobra did it for user groups but then when people start exploiting this as a weakness you need so the and Thomas yes Lucas oh it's awesome the cleanest of best update 23.1 so far I didn't write this again how do you think poetic and support and contribute os3 development from now on with that I see even awesome things I think shouldn't be released it's a context that says be careful right now because there's a court case so I don't know they of course the work is great releasing it is that maybe a daring option by somebody else not necessary there are people who released it or maybe so I want all of our totem look you know they I am the makeup artists and my side without interpretation I let's say Co shows is not even a word they don't think that it can be none that's what I told him and maybe it was too late maybe he couldn't change it anymore I don't know what what it's let's wait for the code all this stuff has to be so fattening I have a good relationship with all US and he considered the same and he tells other people the same we both say the same for all my almost 30 years now I was using his term software we went touch later he helped when with the transition with the source code and everything within you know Miguel but also we had a meeting at Omega 30 about 68k so that was 2015 before the current squabbles which I think maybe are also the result of this meeting all our Marcus wanted to talk about 68k evolution and we have this meeting the maker 30 in noise but not 32 not [Music] required me to clarify some things with legal with Amiga Inc and so on I always kept all of in front and I assumed that he would inform the others but it may be able to slow in this maybe am not legally bold enough to just try and see if somebody dares to sue you react or whatever but well it went another way I think they did not only a beautiful work but also apparently so in the spirit of of a generous act to and it's beautiful but it's ugly how it it was used abused apparently here now it's it's worth hundreds of thousands something done for free is worth triangles of thousand yes in intangible assets no yes okay right so I think pretty much on the last one this is a this is a long one so right so the immediate logo has been revised on numerous occasions the logos associated with the operated systems and the hardware include among others the original variant written in italic times created by Commodore and one more stylized variant written in a modified of bondo me typeface created by Omega technologies under clementa management which one do you plan to use up sorry which one do you plan to use up ahead and why what graphical identity do you feel properly represents the amazement 2019 so it adds right away it's good because we concluded the topic of diversity which we mentioned on the beginning of this talk company with three levels the master parts are problem we never seen a company with three logos so both sides they we had this official yeah Boeing we thought of his first I think that you the very big way which we play I have the original bombing I think anything to gave me so much CBD DEFCON from the Negev flop the external floppy drive so I have someone bad the original major 1015 first ones that come up which is put a museum I saw with a Boeing ball on it but then they quickly changed it checkmark to keep it in line give you a number six yeah but actually there were meager prototypes already yeah with a comic-book hero other than Amiga here and then so we have the a and so see they the next issue for me a future we are going to have an app they're playing with the logos okay I think maybe can be a combination maybe it's good to talk about this maybe people should contribute some ideas about what could be so it's a lot so I'm - because I've had a lot of help from designers recently and and it's a lot goes out it's a few got somebody's you know send them to market because you know it's gonna be mounted so just to start we have this you have my family so I make a future the pixel magazine and others day they will feature play with logos so your anticipated sorry sorry in print yeah I think they delivered it already so so I believe in strength through diversity it's not the only diversity we have it's not just the logo it's even the identity of the company so the California startup hi Toro Amiga who have to sell - Commodore Commodore who was able to continue development and you have two teams now we celebrate both as a media forever we never claimed to be but now the new entity also embodies with an acquisition there but we also still celebrate both teams in a respectful way even if maybe one sold one bought one bigger death but vigil the other also did the duck but vigil and all these things because they saw an end but I mean also was a beginning we are the result of that so we use the Palatino from in the text of the of the earth because that's what we saw on some Commodore arts with some simple wording and the logos you see is a play on the existing rules okay right so um do you want to say now we finished never the questions is there anything you'd like to say lost ending points I like this very much travel is a gift from travel here we have a league from the soccer team my friends there I think let's keep the discourse on if I put an end no this is the beginning of a lot of meeting you will see me I like attending events and talking to people we both learn rather than maybe forums which I think for the dynamics of reward in this social and forum software they tend to reward some some some wrong things and it's very difficult also to moderate to toxic especially when the environment itself is suffering so I saw the same now with the baby it's deep it's difficult to get a professional competent opinion just like they give you the pediatrician or in hospital which is high quality in forums because in forums some people look for whom there are no problems are silent then you have the extreme both ends are very vocal some are more introvert some or extrovert some want to be famous some don't care some of more time some of less it doesn't so forints them they reward some dynamics with yourself celebrating and yes they just depart but yeah even here so human people deal with that better and it's just it's not a new problem we have this problem already with email 30 years ago yeah so that's why I prefer people even if I am on the shy side and I had made my shortcoming ah and I thank you for helping me overcome some of these and I think the the the big thing here is don't judge someone until you how to met them because this has happened to be so many times pick impasse I've been criticized terribly and then people meet me so well you know what I thought and so I think you know me meet Michael go to the shows everyone who's met Michael really likes him don't always agree necessarily the moment I haven't had anyone who's made they didn't like you so but buddies could come to the show come talk to two people there and and get a discussion going because I think the Facebook's are so on are great tools and I think they're wonderful for this community but the amplification of negativity I think is in live there and their social media companies are way up this and they don't have a solution so I think that pretty much concludes it Michael thank you thank you I really appreciate these newfangled things anyway I hope you guys think this was worthwhile I personally do is I do think it's important to hear my core say and thanks to everyone I set the questions here because it was a yeah absolutely and I really do appreciate that and that's it and we'll see you soon hopefully the immediate 34 swags this next month yeah yeah swag I cannot attend because pixel heaviness is indeed oh okay so anyway we'll see so thanks so much bye thank you right so hopefully the video answered your questions I think Michaels gonna be a good steward for the Amiga legacy and the future and I believe that over time he will deliver on the things he has said don't expect this to happen overnight because see the biggest problem at the moment is the legal problem I'm not going to come down one side or the other the bottom line is all people everybody has to respect the rights of the IP and trademark owners you can't you can't just play around with that so you need to sort out this legal situation needs to be resolved because I honestly believe from a business perspective first of all that the media can be a really nice thriving little cottage industry will never compete with big big Apple Microsoft Linux we're never gonna do that but we can be a very strong community and from business point of view there can be a nice little cottage industry lots of people instead of literally just at the moment where they make money to fund their hobby but they may be able to actually do it professionally and this is what I I hope that will happen and nobody can only happen if all the people involved in lawsuits just sit down resolve it let's move on because this is getting stupid finally thanks food you got this far hopefully the the video was informative useful hopefully you have a bit more of an understanding a Michael I think most people will see that he's just a normal man he has a wonderful family and a child new child is his first child in fact we is his new son is four months old mines three months old also we have that in common Square would just it's quite funny but yeah he has and here as you saw he doesn't he's not my millions okay he does this is a passion and he believes in the progressing keeping a legacy of nemedia but all but progressing forward into the future no and I hope you'll understand it more and be a little bit more supportive to think before you post inflammatory comments and you know if you if you get to come to some of the shows I would say people come and talk to people like myself Michael and the others if you if you upset with us coming to us then we talk about it you know ninety nine percent the time we could turn people and explain maybe they've been misinformed or so on I've never had someone who had a problem made I didn't we didn't come away being friends so just just talked her to Michael who ever you upset with but apart from that thanks for watching and I'll see you soon everything we did was a life so on this was the boot disc one disc was the compiler one this was deployed and the other files and one so I have four drives and everything must go private and built like it noise and I still have rules no but the sound there was a soft under clip this is very clear together this keyboard listening a thousand key wood and this is that way and they all where they have their own sounds the fans and floppy drives